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Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ on the platform

Frequently Asked Questions. FAQ on the platform

1.  What do I need to register my account on the Platform?

You need an email address


2. Can individuals operate as Sellers on Pokupo?

No, they can’t. Only legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can use the Platform.


3. What payment methods are available for Sellers?

The Platform provides various payment methods carried out by various third-party payment systems. Moreover, a Seller can integrate into the Platform their own payment method. At the same time, the Seller signs the Contract only with the Platform, trusting it to connect to payment systems and to ensure payment acceptance. This significantly saves the Seller's time and provides a quick start. 


4. How many times is the Seller’s verification procedure performed?

The Seller's verification procedure is performed once on the platform in accordance with the requirements of payment systems.


5. How often does the Platform transfer Seller’s funds to a Seller's bank account?

The Platform transfers Seller’s funds, collected from the Platform sales, to the Seller's bank account with a frequency specified in the Contract.


6. Can I sell virtual goods on your platform?

Yes, you can trade both real and electronic goods (pin-codes, courses, books, etc.) on Pokupo.


7. Can I set up my own design for my online-store?

Currently, Sellers can only use design templates pre-installed on the Platform. Therefore, we constantly improve the ability to customise online-stores built on the Platform by adding new features and design elements.


8. Can I manage multiple stores in one Seller’s account?

Yes, our Platform allows you to set up a variety of stores. Equally important to emphasise, the Platform does not charge any additional fee for having a multiple quantity of online-stores within one account.


9. What are the primary principles of Pokupo?

First, we offer the complete set of tools for e-commerce. Second, we try to build equal partnership with each user, not just to provide software. 


10. Can I use Pokupo to sell just one product?

Yes, of course. You can sell as many products as you want.


11. If I need documents for statutory reporting, can I get them?

Yes, the Platform works in accordance with Slovenian legislation and provides. All the documents required by the law.


12. How do I set up a tax invoice verification and how much does it cost?

Pokupo arranges the tax invoice verification service for Slovenian companies. Moreover, it’s free of charge.

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